Principal Message

Teacher is the centre of teaching- learning process and education largely, in one sense totally, depends on her. Failure and success of the education system can be estimated only in terms of the presence felt of the teacher in the system as teacher is the only potent factor that continuously and regularly influences the system. Teacher education is the tool of every kind of development and flow of development cannot be goal directed without its optimum intensity, strength and dynamism. Weak link of teacher education cannot yield manpower to the society, nation and mankind at large. Its strength is the strength of humanity and the world cannot learn how to live together& how to exist for sustainable development if teacher education not serves its expected purpose. Inclusive education in general and inclusive teacher education in particular need to be strengthen to consolidate the humanity. The institution, Patna Training College, Faculty of Education, Patna University, Patna tries to light every lamp to kindle & enlight the mass. For more inclusive light do society, nation and mankind need more such institution?